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Why Ancira Certified Pre-Owned?

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Amazing Selection

We carry a large selection of vehicles, all shapes and sizes from many manufacturers, colors and price ranges.

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Highest Quality Standard

Ancira is happy to carry a large selection of used vehicles, but only the best earn the Ancira Certified Pre-Owned badge of honor.

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Vehicle Exchange Program

Vehicle Exchange Program is available in the Gold and Platinum Ancira Certified tiers.

Ancira Gold Certified

  • 65 Point Inspection Certificate
    • Checked in and out by our experienced team
  • Limited Warranty
  • 7 Day/500 Mile Exchange
    • Decided you like another one better?
    • Bring it back and exchange it!
  • Title and Odometer Check

What is special about an “ANCIRA GOLD CERTIFIED Used Vehicle”?

Each ANCIRA GOLD CERTIFIED Used Vehicle comes with the promise that if you change your mind within 7 days or 500 miles from the date of purchase, you can bring the vehicle back and exchange it for another vehicle. The ANCIRA GOLD CERTIFIED Used Vehicle Exchange Program allows you to exchange your ANCIRA GOLD CERTIFIED Used Vehicle for another ANCIRA GOLD CERTIFIED Used Vehicle in stock if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase. However, the exchange must be made within the first 7 days after the date of purchase and the vehicle cannot have more than 500 additional miles on the odometer from the date of purchase. Team Ancira will help you decide on an ANCIRA GOLD CERTIFIED Used Vehicle that satisfies your needs better. And we have plenty of ANCIRA GOLD CERTIFIED Used Vehicles to choose from!

What else is special about an ANCIRA GOLD CERTIFIED Used Vehicle?

65-Point Inspection Certificate; Limited Warranty; Vehicle History Report and Title and Odometer Check.

Get the highest piece of mind when buying a pre-owned vehicle, when you buy an Ancira Gold Certified Pre-Owned vehicle you can count on its reliability for the years to come. With our meticulous inspection of the vehicle, you can ride out of the dealership with the confidence that you won’t have to bring it back, other than for its scheduled maintenance.

On top of it all, we include a 7-Day/500 Mile Equal or Greater Value Exchange, so you know that if the vehicle just isn’t what you thought you wanted, you can come in and exchange it at any moment within 7 days/500 mile (whichever occurs first).

Ancira Transportation Special

  • 35 Point Inspection Certificate
  • Certified In Quality
    • Affordable peace of mind
  • Vehicle History Report

Our most affordable tier includes the essentials to give you extra confidence when buying an Ancira Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, with a 35-point inspection certificate, our expertise, a close look at the title and odometer and a full vehicle history report.



At Ancira, we offer a “Worry Free Buying” experience. The Ancira Certified Used Vehicle program was developed to ensure consumer CONFIDENCE by providing complete TRANSPARENCY and VALUE-BASED PRICING. It’s just that simple. Just more great reasons to… THINK ANCIRA!

Why Ancira Certified Pre-Owned?

Vehicle History Report

You have the right to know where your car has been, we make sure you have access to that information.

Title and Odometer Check

We make sure not a single anomaly gets past us, so that you know what you are taking home.


With over 47 years of experience seeling vehicles, you know what you get when you buy from Ancira. A vehicle that has been checked and tested to meet out high quality standards.

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